Heroes of the East

Storming the Goblins

Twenty-eighth of Sehnir, 1521 HC

The wind and sparks denote a minor bloodline usurpation and Porter, Victor, and Athar each gain regency points as the little goblin’s blood is spilled.

The group makes note of the occurrence but decide to forge ahead into the cave. Inside Dorious and Athar see a wall with goblins manning the battlements and inform the others. The group decides to pullback and come up with a strategy. Meanwhile Thurenz scouts the goblin’s bell tower. He decides it is not a threat and turns back to find the rest of the group. He notes the worgs are regrouping.

Unbeknownst to the group, Ward has been following them and on the other side of the stream he gathers up the small number of freed slaves and leads them to safety.

The heroes, minus Ward and Thurenz, regroup outside and are set upon by the worgs and their riders. Two of the worgs are already hurting from Thurenz’s fireball. They do minor damage before the heroes cut them down.

Thurenz returns to the group as Victor turns their attention back to the wall and asks his spell casters to neutralize the goblins manning the wall. Dorious’ solution is a well-placed sleet storm that blocks the vision of the goblins. Victor yells out a rallying cry and the group charges the wall. As they arrive the gate is lifted and a group of bugbears, “shock troops”, move out to intercept the party. They are led by a large bugbear barbarian.

Zale, Dorious, Victor, and Porter stand their ground against the large bugbears moving out.

Athar and Rhedwyn scale the wall, although it takes Redwyn two attempts. Once there Athar rolls off the other side of the wall and slowly makes his way through the blinding sleet. Rhedwyn, once atop the wall, gropes around and bumps into a possible target. He swings his ax but slices only air.

Thurenz continues to fly and aid those on the front lines with his spells, including summoning a celestial lion into the fray.

The heroes manage to plug the doorway with a web spell, kill the first three bugbears, and blind and stun several others with a color spray all before the Dorious’ sleet storm comes to an end.

When it does end Redwyn finally finds his targets and single handily clears the left wall in a matter of seconds.

Victor attempts to climb the wall on the right but is stabbed with a spear and dropped back down.

Thurenz then swoops in and knocks two goblins unconscious with a color spray and his summoned lion jumps up and finishes clearing the right side of the wall.

Athar quickly hides. He notes two more groups of goblins, a group of skirmishers and a command group including a green skinned bugbear giving orders. The command group is formed up near a large tower and Athar dimension doors behind one of the tower legs and hides.

The webs are still in place when Porter tries to push through them and gets caught. However Dorious taunts one of the bugbears who charges and does what Porter could not. It does him little good in the end.

Zale summons a hippogriff who kills the creature.

Victor climbs the wall successfully on his second attempt.

Thurenz doesn’t realize that his teammate is in the vicinity when he launches a fireball at the command group. It kills several of that group and even a few of the skirmishers who were within the blast radius. Athar narrowly avoids the blast thanks to his cat like reflexes.

One of the goblins killed in the fireball was blooded so Athar’s hiding place and position are almost given away when the usurpation occurs. A bolt of “lightning” jumps from the dead scion to the green scaled goblin leader and then again to Athar.

Dorious uses a burning hands spell to burn the webs away seconds before the green-skinned leader, enraged by the fireball, orders his remaining forces to charge and a battle royale ensues.

Goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears swarm the heroes at the wall.

Meanwhile, Thurenz continues his assault on the command group flying above the leader and hitting him with a lightning bolt. Athar takes the opportunity to sneak attack the leader from behind. He hits him but he does not go down. Instead he turns on Athar and grows to almost 9 feet tall thanks to the spell of his pet cleric. He delivers a vicious blow to Athar.

At the wall the heroes more than hold their own as they one by one slaughter the charging enemies. But most of them are oblivious to Athar’s peril.

Victor sees Athar take the hit from his vantage on top of the wall and summons his air elemental to come to his aid.

Thurenz is in a position to help. He polymorphs into a Treant and joins in the fray behind the huge green skinned bugbear.

The large scaled bugbear continues his assault on Athar and delivers another vicious blow to Athar who is in real trouble at this point.

He ignores Thurenz at his own peril. The elf wizard uses his Treant form to pound the bugbear and drive the bugbear to his knees and then to his grave.

This time an even larger gust of wind and “lighting” occur. Athar, Porter, Victor, Dorious, and Zale all absorb a part of the dying creatures bloodline.

The battle over the group search for both surviving prisoners and treasure. They find both.

They find and set free 30 slaves from goblin captivity and find a variety of valuables on many of the enemies and in a treasure chest locked within the leaders chambers.

Two issues arise.

First, there are female and youngling goblins who make for the exit. Porter, having had a personal experience in the past that seems to bear weight on the situation elects to let them go with food, but not valuables.

Second, Redwyn does not seem keen on going to the Mist Warden and the freed slaves seem to want Redwyn to stay and protect them. Porter volunteers to stay and protect them while the rest of the party take Redwyn to the Mist Warden.



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