Heroes of the East

Right on Q

Twenty-Second of Emmanir, 1521 HC

After a short discussion, the heroes decide they need to send someone back for the sailor left on the rocks. To that end Thurenz summons a giant eagle and Athar rides on the great bird’s back as it flies back out of the cave and circles the rocks looking for the last sailor. At first neither Athar nor the giant eagle spot anything.

While Athar is searching another troll attacks the remaining heroes. Victor cures wounds on Porter before it reaches the beach. As it comes ashore Thurenz blasts it with a fireball and Zale shoots it with a burning hands. But it charges through the wizards’ fire spells and claws Victor viciously as Porter drives his pick into the creature’s flesh.

Zale then fires an acid arrow into the beast as Thurenz strikes it with a lightning bolt. The troll falls back and into the water. But Porter drags it back to the beach using his pick so that it can not regenerate.

Athar after circling for a bit finally spots three trolls on the rocks below who are in the midst of devouring the last unfortunate sailor.

Athar and the eagle return to the cavern, being too late to save the sailor from the trolls.

The heroes decide it wisest to leave the old Smuggler’s Cave far behind and retreat up the rear stairs leading to the surface. They travel west towards their destination and then seek a shelter for the rest of the night. Thurenz uses his magic to summon a Secure Shelter, which seems to create a magical shelter out of thin air. The group rests the night and then discuss a mutual cover story for their being in the Chimaeron. It is decided that they will choose to use part of the truth in their deception, they will tell anyone inquiring after them that they are travelers whose boat was crashed and that they are seeking shelter before deciding where they will travel too next.

Their story decided upon, they set out for the City of Mhorwe along the road heading west.

They arrive at their destination that afternoon. They enter the city on foot and enter through the eastern gate. The guards inquire of them, but they do a fairly decent job of just sticking to their story and with a few well placed silvers they gain entrance into the city.

They find the Salty Wench Tavern and Inn and acquire a large room for the night. They make some inquiries and determine that the bartender they are looking for works the evenings. They get a quick meal and then rest for the rest of the day. During their rest Wiatt, a halfing working at the Salty Wench, comes to check on the group, Porter notices that he seems to have taken note of the fact that Thurenz is an elf, which the group were hoping to conceal.

Athar and Zale return to the tavern room in the evening and Athar drops the pass phrase “looking for some quiet and peace” with the bartender, Sam. Sam hands him an old menu and then apologizes for it’s small type. “One would have to be a wizard to read it, I know.” Zale borrows the menu and takes it too the party’s private room. Once there he uses detect magic to determine that there is a small wizard mark by the “Old Falstaff Stout.” He returns to Athar with this information.

Athar returns the menu to the bartender and orders the “Old Falstaff.” The bartender leaves and returns a few minutes later with a thick stout in a tall glass. Athar tips back the glass and discovers a secret message written on the bottom of the glass: “Find the entrance to the sewers near Mandor’s Forge, then follow the Q’s”. The message disappears a few seconds afterwards.

Athar and Zale return to the group to discuss their findings. They decide that Athar, Zale, and Thurenz should be the ones to go meet Quietus. But before they leave one of the halflings warns that he believes there is a Guardian of the Peace who has taken notice of them.

The three leave through the taproom. As they exit Thurenz notices that one man is watching him intently. Thurenz stares down the stranger who looks away.

The group leaves and takes an indirect route to Mandor’s. They soon find the sewer entrance and that one of the bars on the opening was removable. They remove it enter into the sewers and replace the bar once they are inside.

The group searches in vain for any “Qs”. But Athar does find a trap which leads him to believe that must be the right way. He travels forward disabling two traps, but setting off two others. Fortunately he only receives a scratch for his carelessness. After the four traps Athar, Zale, and Thurenz find a room with two levers and two water gates. A man has his back against the wall as if he were awaiting their arrival.

Thurenz recognizes immediately that the “man” is a dummy and that they are being watched from a barred off cubby above and behind them. A whispered voice appears out of thin air, but Thurenz suspects it’s source.

Quietus it seems is taking lots of precautions. Athar pays Quietus, who then tells the group how to find Rassan Al Haman’s tower. He also tells them that it appears Rassan Al Haman may have a giant guardian of some sort and that their are fiendish apes along the ravine path to the tower. Athar mentions that a guardian of the peace may have taken notice of them and Quietus advises them to get out of town in a hurry.

The trio move to leave by the same way they came but Thurenz and Athar are alerted to the presence of several individuals waiting for them to emerge back from the sewers, some wearing red cloaks.

They decide to try and find another way out. Athar uses his knowledge of dungeoneering to determine a possible route through the sewers. He follows a stream south and out to the bay. They are successful in finding a way out, though they fight and kill a strange filth creature, called an Otyugh during their exodus from the sewers.

Athar, Zale, and Thurenz return to the Salty Wench, but do not reenter the building. Instead Thurenz uses invisibility to gain access to the inn and then deliver a message to Victor, Porter, and Dorious that they need to get out of the city quickly.

Thurenz returns to the alley across the street to await Victor, Porter, and Dorious. They notice a large group of red cloaks heading towards the inn. Porter and Victor spot them just before exiting the building, they decide instead to exit through the rear.

They leave through the back as red cloaks are bursting through the front door. Porter notices the halfling, Wiatt, standing near the back door and makes to grab the little fellow. He misses, but Victor catches him with a hold person spell. They discuss taking the little fellow with them as Porter seems to believe he was involved with their cover being blown, however realizing their are bigger problems afoot they release the fellow who disappears from site, running the other way.

After a momentary hang up with a washer woman the entire group is reunited and plan an exit from the city. They choose to leave over the wall and find what seems to be a good place to climb the embankment and climb over. They get lucky as it seems a nearby guard is distracted. The group almost all get over without a hitch, until Porter, who is wearing full plate slips and falls off the rope. He lands with a bang, Zale casts an obscuring mist to help hide them before they all make a run for the hills using the cover of darkness.

The group avoids the road and travel throughout the night before Thurenz once again summons a secure shelter and the group gets some rest. They choose to continue traveling at night once again until they find the first marker along the journey to the Cypress Tower, an old burned out farm house with a stone marker out front. They then follow a nearby stream up river.

Over the next two days the way gets more and more difficult and they soon find themselves traveling in a ravine. It is shortly thereafter when they spot six familiar red-furred forms. It seems that Rassan’s fiendish apes do indeed inhabit this place.

The heroes must be getting close.



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