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Campaign Background

The Barony of Coeranys dwells in the shadow of an great and evil awnsheghlien known as the Chimaera. For many years now the Barons of Coeranys have faced down this threat with determination, courage, and with help of their strongest ally, Osoerde.

But now Oseorde has been engulfed in a violent coup and a new Duke has risen up in the duchy to the South. Jaisen Raenech now rules Oseorde with a cruel iron grip, and he would see Coeranys under his boot as well if the opportunity provided itself.

Coeranys is caught between two very unfriendly neighbors and much bad blood still exists between the Elves of the Sielwode to the North. This is not an ideal situation for any Regent, yet Baron Alun Coeran is approaching his majority and it seems that this will indeed be his birthright.

Meanwhile, a group of warriors back from the Broken Crusade and a trio of wizards have teamed up
to investigate strange happenings in the realm.

Our Adventure Log

Chapter 1.
Darkness Stirs
Chapter 2.
The Dead Walk in Doyle
Chapter 3.
Into the Mists
Chapter 4.
Sorrows and Celebrations
Chapter 5.
Grudges, Gifts, and Goblins
Chapter 6.
Storming the Goblins
Chapter 7.
The Missing Rose
Chapter 8.
Family Ties
Chapter 9.
Rough Landing
Chapter 10.
Right on Q
Chapter 11.
The Giant Slayers
Chapter 12.
Loss of Blood

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