Tree of Sorrows

Elves are creatures of passion and they are prone to revelry, anger, and deep sorrow in ways humans find difficult to comprehend. On rare occasions, an elf becomes trapped in the depths of despair to the point they choose to leave this world and return to the mebhaighl. According to the elves, The Tree of Sorrows is the site where these elves go to take their lives.

The Tree of Sorrows is one of three trees that are sacred to the Elves of the Mist. The Tree of Life located in Bein Asëa and the Tree of Remembrance nearby are the other two trees.

A couple winters back, undead began appearing at the Tree of Sorrows and one young elf was murdered when she went to remember an ancestor. The elder chose patience as the best course to deal with the issue and forbid any elves from visiting the tree. However the problem seems to be getting worse, not better.

The tree was recently the site of a battle between a band of adventurers and a fiendish giant centipede which emerged from the tree. The centipede split the rotting husk of this once great oak. It bares no leaves but a few elven skulls still dangle from old nooses, a testament to the trees purpose.

Tree of sorrows

Tree of Sorrows

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