The Chimaeron

The Land

The Chimaeron is the domain of the dreaded awnshegh, the Chimaera. It extends from the Gulf of Coeranys in the South to the dwarven realm of Baruk-Azhik in the North. The land is mostly hills and mountains settled between rich waters, but there is adequate farm and grazing lands for the realms internal needs. To the east is the war torn Brecht realm of Rohrmarch and to the west is the quiet but wary land of Coeranys.

Being at crossroads between Anuire, Khinasi, and Brechtür, The Chimaeron tends to draw from each of the three areas culturally and there is a large number of each of the three races, as well as a significant number of Vos and goblins. It is often the destination of choice for those fleeing justice.

This is a land of oppression and where the strong rule over the weak. None is stronger than the Chimaera herself and she is prone to rampage just to remind her people who is in charge.

The Chimaera, whose real name is Dakita Kusor, has delegated the day to day running of her realm to The Council of Leaders who work from the town of Lyssan.

Each province is administered by a Sheriff and constabulary, but the Council of Leaders has their own secret police force, The Guardians of the Peace, who range unchecked by any law except for the will of the C.O.L. and the Chimaera herself.

This is a land of sorrows. It’s citizens dwell in constant fear of the Chimaera, her corrupt Council, and the Guardians.



Campaign Locations

Smuggler’s Cave
City of Mhorwe
Cypress Tower
Lost Tower of Masela
h3. Law of the Chimaeron

The Council of Leaders

Temples of the Chimaeron


Guilds of the Chimaeron

The Council of Leaders

Sources of the Chimaeron

The Three Brothers Mages

The Chimaera


The Guardians of the Peace

The Chimaeron

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