Haelyn's Aegis

Haelyn’s Aegis stresses Haelyn as the noble defender of justice and peace by means of the sword. By taking up the sword for justice and defense, facing threats to the people, the temple performs a sacred charge. Its principle mission is the defense of Anuire from awnsheghlien, and especially the mighty armies of the Gorgon.

It has always maintained its military organization. But like in any great military, the leaders recognized that it’s support forces are just as vital to the success of any mission as the knights who stand on the front lines. These non-combatants fulfilled their supporting role, providing resources and logistical support, but in the frontier lands that stand watch against the Gorgon they soon found a void in the spiritual lives of the people dwelling so far from the Imperial City. Tending to the spiritual needs of the people they protected became an important secondary mission for the Order.

Now hundreds of years later, The Order of Haelyn’s Aegis is both Knightly Order and Temple. As a temple, it provides all the functions one expects of a temple of Haelyn. But ultimately the defense of Anuire motivates all who serve, worship, toil, and tithe to the temple.

Haelyn’s Aegis created a presence in Coeranys shortly after the establishment of the Chimaeron. Although it is only a small portion of the church at large, the focus of Haelyn’s Aegis in Coeranys is to defend against the threat of the Chimaera.

The current Lord Commander of Haelyn’s Aegis is Antia Maricoere, she is the first woman to ever hold the post.Haelynshield

Haelyn's Aegis

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