The Land

Coeranys is a realm on the southern coast of Anuire in the Eastern Marches. It is bordered by The Chimaeron in the East, The Sielwode and Barak-Azhik to the North, Elinie and Oseorde to the West, and the sea to the South.

For seven-hundred years Coeranys has been ruled by the Barons of the Coeran family. Alun Coeran is the current Baron. He is still in his minority so his mother, The Lady Regent Eluvie Carielle holds regency over the realm, controls the law, and rules in her son’s name.

Coeranys is a diverse land of plains, rivers, swamps, forests, and hills. It is a damp land filled with mists that role out from the swamps and forests.

It’s people resiliently dwell in the shadow of the Chimaeron. The land is famed for it’s horses and cattle, and Coerany’s armies are known for their speedy light cavalry.


Bogsend (3/2)
Caudraight (4/1)
Deepshadow (3/2)
Duornil (2/3)
Mistil (2/3)
Ranien (2/3)
Ruorven (4/1)

Campaign Locations

Raniel Manor
Doyle Manor
The Forest of Mist
The Tree of Sorrows
Goblin Gate
Mist Watch
Griffin Manor
Sangramour Manor

Law of Coeranys

Law of the Lady Regent

Temples of Coeranys

The Life and Protection of Avanalae
Haelyn’s Aegis

Guilds of Coeranys

The Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik
Points East Trading Guild
Southern Star Traders

Sources of Coeranys

Three Brothers Mages
The Second Swamp Mage


Noble Houses
Other Groups


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