Animal Affinity

Animal Affinity (AnAf) – All
The old gods were associated with particular
animals, using them as symbols, messengers or
embodying many of their characteristics. They
were able to influence these animals and take
their form. Your bloodline gives you a similar
connection to the animals associated with your
bloodline derivation.
Base Power: Each derivation has a different
animal associated with it. These animals
(hereafter referred to as a “totem”) are shown on
the following table:

Derivation Totem
Andurias Lion
Basaïa Eagle
Brenna Cat
Masela Porpoise
Reyner Wolf
Vorynn Owl
Azrai Vipers*

You gain the following powers and abilities for
each BP spent on Animal Affinity:
BP Power
1 You gain wild empathy as a druid or ranger of your
character level, but only affecting your totem animal.
In addition you get your Bld bonus (minimum +1) on
any skill check having to do with interacting
with the totem animal.
2 You may use Dominate Animal 1/day, but affecting your
totem animal only.
3 You may gain an Animal Companion of your totem as if
you were a druid whose level is equal to your character
level provided your. Scions of Azrai may use this
ability to gain a small or medium viper. Scions of
Andurias may not gain their animal companion (lion)
until they are of sufficient character level (7th)
and all normal rules for determining an animal
companion’s characteristics and special abilities apply.
If the scion also has levels of Ranger or Druid he may add
his Druid levels or half his Ranger levels to his total
character levels and use the total (max 20) as his effective
level for determining his totem animal companion’s
characteristics and special abilities.
4 At will and as a free action you may communicate with your totem
animal as if using the Speak With Animals. In addition and as
a standard action you may use the equivalent of Detect Animals
and Plants to locate your totem animal at will.
5 As a standard action you can establish a telepathic mind link with
a single totem animal within 60’ or that you locate using your
Detect Animals and Plants ability. This allows you to communicate
telepathically with the totem animal. By concentrating you can see
and hear through the eyes and ears of the totem animal and may use
your Dominate Animal ability via the telepathic link.
6 You gain the ability to Wild Shape into your totem animal as per
the druid ability 1/day.
7 Your Detect Animals and Plants Ability and mind link ability now
have a range of 1 mile per BLD Bonus. By fully committing yourself
to the task and if there is a sufficient number of your totem animals
in the province you may perform the equivalent of a Scry Province Realm
Spell on your current province as if you were a wizard with a level 1
Source Holding. This action has no RP or GB cost for you, and you
receive a bonus to the roll equal to your BLD bonus. Neither you nor any
regents may spend RP to influence the outcome, however the DM may set
additional modifiers to the roll depending on your type of totem animal
and the nature of the information sought.
8 If your totem animal exists in sufficient numbers in the province, you
may summon them together into a single unit, similar to a Summon
Nature’s Army as if you were a druid with a level 1 temple holding.
Scions with typically small totem animals (Azrai, Brenna, Basaia, and Vorynn)
may summon their unit in any province, however it’s strength is limited to
the stats given for small animals in the Summon Nature’s Army realm spell.


For +1 BP certain scions may select an improved version of their
totem animal for an animal companion if they are of sufficient
character level. Scions of Andurias may selecet a Dire Lion.
Scions of Reynir may select a Dire Wolf. And scions of Azrai
may select a Large or Huge Viper.

For +1 BP the scion may use Wild Shape an additional time per day.

Animal Affinity

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