Tag: Doyle Manor


  • Sir Boros Brightwater

    Sir Boros is a hedge knight with no lands to inherit. He is paying his liege lord his fealty through service. He is a skilled rider and has made a name for himself with the men of the cavalry. Count Amarante has made him bailiff over Doyle Manor …

  • Marrion Rivers

    Marrion is has spent her entire life outdoors and around the horses and cattle of Coeranys. She was married to Bill Hornwood, another herder of Doyle, but he was killed in the recent massacre at Doyle Manor. Marrion had a horrible encounter with the …

  • Jack o' Doyle

    Jack grew up on Doyle manor as a field hand and then foreman. His many years there have made him well acquainted with all the aspects of it's inner workings. He was recently promoted to Keeper of the House by Sir Boros.

  • Sir Loras Doyle

    Sir Loras, along with his lady wife Marta and their three children Marcus, Simon, and Eluvie have all disappeared. Their home was the site of a massacre and undead infestation. There was no trace of the noble family.

  • Rose

    "Rose" as she calls herself, was caught picking Porter's pocket during the harvest festival. She was sentenced by the Steward of Raniel to indentured servitude at Doyle manor.