Tag: Bein Asëa


  • Fianor

    Fianor has proudly served as war captain to [[Bein Asëa | Bein Asëa]] for almost two hundred years. He is a skilled ranger and his skill with the bow is unsurpassed by any other elf in the Forest of the Mist.

  • Elenyë

    Elenyë is a young elf who has spent the first 90 years of her life growing up in beautiful Bein Asëa and the relative safety and security provided by the elven village. She has recently joined the rangers on outings. She seems very curious about the …

  • Celebor

    Celebor has been leader of the elves since any can remember. In fact, he is the same Elder who made peace with the Baron of Coeranys over seven hundred years ago.