The Glimmering Sword

Sword Found in the Doyle Crypt

weapon (melee)

A fine quality steel longsword with gold inlay at the hilt. Dorious identified this sword as a magical +2 longsword.


This sword was discovered in the Doyle Manor Crypt. It was the subject of an argument amongst the party. After arguing the sword should be left in the crypt, Ward waited for everyone else to leave and then stashed the sword in his bedroll, ostensibly to better protect it. He let the rest of the party know of his action the next night and this led to further argument between him and his brother. It was decided that the fate of the sword would be left to the Count of Ranien.

Amarante granted that the sword should be used by the party in their quest.

It was not long after when the party met Celebor, an elven elder who claimed to be the maker of the blade.

According to Celebor, he crafted the sword for his son, who was killed almost seven-hundred years ago when Coeranys was in it’s infancy.

After speaking with the Lady Regent the party agreed to return the sword to Celebor. He rewarded them each with magical item for their service.

The Glimmering Sword

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