Victor Raniel

Anuirean Noble/Cleric


An Anuirean Man five feet ten inches tall with a Coeryn complexion that has darkened from his recent years of crusade. His armor is a well worn breastplate, sandblasted but cared for. The greatsword on his back seems quite large a weapon for a man of only above average build. The Holy Symbol of The Order of Haelyn’s Aegis hangs from a silver chain about his neck. His Blue eyes show more wisdom than his dark hair would suggest.


Victor Raniel is a man of experience beyond his years. Born and raised the nephew of Count Amarante Raniel, with all of the training and education that nobility entails. He excelled quickly in the arts of strategy and command, and by age 11 he was defeating his tutors at games of tactics. This made him realize that the art of War was his calling, and when 7 years later the call of Haelyn’s Aegis to crusade against the Sphinx came, it was a call he could not resist.

Though history may not look kindly upon the folly of the doomed Crusade, Victor Raniel remembers well the true experience of war, and the finding of his faith in the lord of noble war himself, Haelyn. Finding his place amongst tacticians tents and running orders for the knight brothers of the HA, he was indoctrinated by the men of that faith, in a small ceremony after a difficult battle.

His faith and skill, and newfound friends brought him home even in defeat, yet his determination to fight for a world without evil has only grown stronger.

Victor Raniel

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