Sir Cauis Coerleau

The River Knight


A tall regal looking man with dark hair and blue eyes. He favors a suit of breast plate engraved and enameled with a sea lion motif. He is well-known to carry a magical trident into battle.


Sir Cauis Coerleau is The River Knight, and as such he commands the law in Ruorven on behalf of the Lady Regent. He is a man of some fame in Coeranys. He is known to be one of the Lady Regent’s most skilled generals, and bravest fighters. Many outlaw and goblin raider have died skewered by his magic trident.

Being a Coerleau he is a distant relative to the Baron. He ,his lady wife, and their son have their residence at the Riverfort but apart from the Coerans.

Sir Cauis Coerleau

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