Rhedwyn the Rough

Mercenary Fighter and Outlaw


Rhedwyn is tall and muscular, his many scars and crooked nose are a testament to the many battles he has weathered. He has red hair and brown eyes.


Rhedwyn grew as a poor street urchin in Casonel in Diemed.

His natural strength and size allowed him to enlist in the army of Diemed when he was only thirteen. His life as been one of war ever since.

After surviving off his brawn and intimidation so long it was difficult for Rhedwyn to adapt to a life taking orders. He was drummed out of Diemed’s army and became a mercenary moving from group to group, never feeling completely at home.

After his last army disbanded in the Chimaeron he found himself without a home and took up with a group of outlaws after they unsuccessfully tried to rob him.

The bandits took up residence in the Forest of the Mists, where they have spent the past season eeking out a living in the forest and fighting off other outlaws and goblins.

Rhedwyn’s band was overrun by goblins. He was wounded and left for dead, but he managed to survive. He went to the elves in desperation. But was imprisoned instead of helped.

Rhedwyn the Rough

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