Lord Captain Marcus

Lord Captain of Haelyn's Aegis in Coeranys


Marcus is no longer a young man, his long white beard and bald head are a testament to that fact, but both his sword arm and faith in Haelyn remain strong. He typically wears either priestly vestments or his full plate armor. He wields a bastard sword and a high polished silver shield in battle.

His mount is a white courser named “Balthazar”.


Marcus was the younger son of a Mhorish noble, with no lands or titles to inherit he chose to dedicate his life to Haelyn and to the battle against the armies of the Gorgon. Marcus is a veteran of many battles and is well liked amongst many of Haelyn’s Aegis. He was nominated for Lord Commander, but was in turn defeated in the Election of Captains by Anitia Maricoere.

Marcus was given the post as Lord Captain over Coeranys, when Anitia decided to do some reorganization.

Lord Captain Marcus

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