Colgrevance Raniel

Royal Wizard of Coeranys


Colgrevance is a tall man with salt and pepper hair and dark eyes. He keeps his beard neatly trimmed. He looks to be a younger version of his brother Raphael.


As the Royal Court Wizard of Coeranys, Colgrevance is perhaps the most well-known wizard in Coeranys next to the collective Three Brothers Mages. He was the student of the last Hyperion, but was not chosen as successor.

Colgrevance became Eluvie’s Royal Court Wizard at the request of Eluvie Carielle and he has served faithfully in that post ever since.

Colgrevance was sent by Eluvie Carielle to investigate the source within the Forest of the Mist. He has not been seen since.

Colgrevance Raniel

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