Athar Thelal

Khinasi Warrior and Scout


Athar is a Khinasi and has a wiry build stands 5’10" tall weighs in at 155 lbs, has a black beard and mustache with shoulder length wavy black hair and olive skin.


Athar was born 23 years ago in the Kingdom of Aftane to a well liked powerful noble family. At the age of 8 his family was murdered by a group of assassins. Athar miraculously survived the attacks and was brought into the household of the Zafir family where he was raised to believe that the assassins who killed his parents had been agents of Anuirean nobles. Athar spent his life training to get revenge against his family’s murderers.

His early training completed, Ahtar was sent to spy on a group of Anuirean Crusaders who had traveled to the Khinasi Plains to kill the Sphinx. It was during this journey that he met the only other survivor from the night his family was murdered, a man named Baahir. Baahir had been a servant to his father that Athar remembered well and it was from him that Athar learned the truth, that his parents had in fact been murdered for their opposition to the Red Kings rise to power and that it was Zaeem Zafir himself who had carried out the killings.

The Anuirean Crusanders lost the war and their army was scattered to the wind. Athar managed to help a small group of survivors, guiding them safely through Aftane and to a ship bound for Coeranys.

Athar decided to travel with his new companions to Anuire, but not before he vowed to one day return to Aftane for his revenge on the Zafirs and the Red Kings!

Athar Thelal

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