Baron Alun Coeran

The young Baron of Coeranys.


Alun Coeran is a handsome youth with blond hair and brilliant emerald green eyes, the blood mark of his family. He seems an eager and determined youth.


Alun grew up under the close watchful eye of his over-bearing mother, Eluvie Carielle. He seemed a quiet and sickly youth, until he became the squire of his father-in-law, Count Cadfael Duorn. Under Duorn’s tutelage Alun has blossomed. He was knighted and then fought in the Harvest Festival Tourney under the alias Sir Michael Silverstone, but he was defeated in the first round by Athar Thelal.

He is engaged to Reyanne Raniel, daughter to Count Amarante Raniel.

But the Baron is now missing. His caravan was ambushed, and almost everyone was killed while traveling on the road through Bogsend. Although Lady Regent Eluvie Carielle’s body was recovered, the same can not be said of the young Baron. And with his fate being yet unknown it leaves the future of the realm in question.

Who exactly perpetrated the crime is also a mystery.

Baron Alun Coeran

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