Heroes of the East

Rough Landing

Twelth of Emmanir, 1521 HC

Dorious, Zale, Thurenz, and Athar are met by Sir Leonard, the acting Sergeant at Arms of Raniel Manor. He arrives with a dozen more soldiers and Tomlin Quickeye, Count Amarante’s Master of the Hunt. They work vigorously to save the lives of the men who fell in the battle with Rassan Al Haman. They do manage to save the lives of two men. Sir Leonard dispatches a rider to Amarante immediately thereafter.

The messanger rides through the night to find Count Amarante Raniel at the small estate where he is staying. Victor is in attendance with his Uncle when the news that his father has been kidnapped arrives.

Upon hearing the news of the attack Amarante sends another messenger to Lady Regent Eluvie Carielle and then begins packing up his entourage. Victor finds Porter and the two of them return to Ranien with the Count.

Once back home Amarante listens to Dorious’ account of the attack by Rassan Al Haman and then he instructs the heroes to open the box from Rassan Al Haman. After making magical preparations, Athar opens the box which is of course fire trapped. His nimble reflexes save his skin however and he is able to avoid the blast.

Inside is a simple note addressed to Colgrevance. It reads, “You took my brother, now I’ve taken yours.”

Amarante orders messengers out to all provinces in Coeranys in a search for Colgrevance. He deems that he will wait a week for Colgrevance to return and asks the PCs to stay on at Raniel Manor until at least that point for he has a favor to ask of them.

During the week Porter and Victor train whilst Dorious and Zale learn some new spells. Thurenz travels to the nearby town of Port Coeran where he finds a small circle of magicians who are willing to purchase the magical bracers he received from Celebor. He returns to Raniel with the funds and components he needs to begin crafting three magic items, a pair of boots, a cloak, and a pair of gloves.

The week passes without word from Colgrevance and Amarante summons the heroes to his hall. The Count of Ranien then asks the heroes to undertake a very dangerous mission, the rescue of his brother, Raphael. He tells the heroes that he would not order them to undertake such a dangerous mission, he is asking that they volunteer.

Victor does not hesitate to volunteer to rescue his father having already contemplated the issue, and the others stand by their friend, prepared to face the unknown dangers of The Chimaeron.

Amarante reveals that he has already made arrangements for a ship to sneak them into the Chimaeron and that there is a contact in the Chimaeron who should be able to reveal to them the location of Rassan Al Hammand’s Cypress Tower. He requests that the group return their badges of office for the time being as he does not want their enemies in the Chimaeron to suspect they are agents of Coeranys.

Amarante provides Porter with a masterwork chain shirt and he lends Victor his magical longsword.

The party then sets out for Port Coeran where they find a small coaster awaiting them. It’s Captain is a man by the name of Wells. Once on board and with the ship underway they meet with Roland, who is an agent of the Count.

Roland then fills them in on the details of the plan. The ship will anchor off shore at night and will deliver the party to an old smuggler’s sea cave via row boat. The party will have to be careful as the cave is now home to sea trolls. The cave has a stone stair which leads to the surface and into Mhorwe, the most southern province of the Chimaeron. It is also the province in which Rassan Al Hammand’s Cypress Tower is rumored to be located.

The party will travel to the City of Mhorwe, and attempt to contact a man known as Quietus at the Salty Wench Tavern. The secret code is “looking for some quiet and peace.” Quietus, it is hoped, will know the location of the Cypress Tower and will be willing to sell the information to the heroes. Roland also warns the heroes to not get into any entanglements with the authorities, especially the The Guardians of the Peace.

After two day’s of sailing the ship anchors off the smuggler’s cave during the dead of night. Two rowboats head towards the cave to deliver the heroes into the Chimaeron. That is when things begin to go poorly.

The current and waves are extremely rough and the first boat gets hung up on the rocks. One sailor is immediately tossed into the sea. Victor manages to summon a hippogriff to pull him out. But only a few seconds later the boat is pushed harder against the rocks and it capsizes. Four sailors, Victor, and Thurenz are spilled into the sea. Only Athar manages to hold onto the boat.

The second boat fairs much better and as they pass the distressed sailors in the water Porter manages to get a rope to one of them, and Zale summons three dolphins who each aid a sailor, swimming them over to the rocks where they hold on for dear life.

Thurenz manages also to swim and grab hold of the rocks. Victor, being in his breast plate, and with rough seas disappears beneath the waves sinking rapidly.

Athar ties a rope to the boat and dives in after Victor. The two manage to meet up underwater and then pull themselves back to the boat and the rocks.

Meanwhile the second boat deposits Porter, Zale, and Dorious into the cave shore and begins rowing back out, hopefully to rescue the others who are stuck out on the rocks.

It is just when it looks like things are starting to back under control that the trolls strike. The sailors to Victor’s left and right are yanked beneath the waves. Thurenz polymorphs himself into a sea cat mere seconds before a third troll attacks him.

Victor and Athar pull themselves from the water and Victor summons a series of spiritual weapons to aid Thurenz as he attempts to fight the troll.

Back in the cave three more trolls cross the cave to attack Zale, Dorious, and Porter. The three heroes move to a defensible position on a small beach within the cave and Porter pours lamp oil on the sand in front of them. Zale summons a small fire elemental and when the trolls step out of the water Dorious casts burning hands and lights both the oil and the trolls on fire. But the trolls come anyways seemingly unafraid of even fire.

Meanwhile, Thurenz retreats back to the rocks after exchanging blows with the sea troll, once there Victor casts a cure spell to heal his wounds. Victor grabs on to Thurenz’s sea cat form and the two swim for shore in rapid fashion.

Athar uses his dimension door ability to get as closer to shore and then also makes a swim for it.

Porter, Zale, and Dorious unleash a fury of attacks upon the trolls pressing in on them. The fire and acid spells seem to be the most effective and finally one of the trolls falls back into the water and retreats, however a second troll steps up into it’s place.

Thurenz and Victor arrive on shore followed a second later by Athar who uses his final dimension door ability to reach the cave.

Porter, Zale, and Dorious valiantly battle the two remaining trolls. And with their combined efforts they are able to drop the second creature who falls, his form burning from fire and acid. This allows Dorious to step to flank the remaining troll. A move that in retrospect probably saved Porter’s life.

Now flanking Porter drives home a blow on the final beast that drops the creature. Zale’s summoned fire elemental and acid arrows seal its fate.

The heroes regroup a moment later and take pause, thankful that they have indeed all survived a very rough landing and arrival upon the shores of the Chimaeron.


In the original encounter as played this week, Porter was killed in the last round of combat by the sea trolls. As I wrote up the synopsis I realized that I had made an error while running the battle. The trolls in this battle were “scrags” and are only able to regenerate while submerged in water. I had regenerated the last troll a total of 15 damage from Porter’s blows that were the difference in whether or not the troll died in the round previous to Porter’s demise. I felt it was only fair as I had made a mistake to allow for a rewrite and allow Porter to survive the battle at the player’s discretion which he opted to do.

Rough Landing

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