Heroes of the East

Loss of Blood

The heroes work for a few minutes trying to gain entry into the wizard’s tower. Thurenz, Athar, and Porter take turns hammering the fouth story door which Rassan Al Hamman had barred.

Victor and Ward work to lower the drawbridge to the door below.

Athar and Porter have little luck, but Thurenz makes headway using the claws of his girallion form. It is still slow going, however.

Meanwhile, Victor breaks the lock on the bridge below while Ward releases the bridges lowering mechanism and the bridge comes crashing down. Ward begins hammering at the second door as well.

Zale finally comes up with the solution for the upper door, he guides his earth elemental to carry him up the tower. He has it leave him on the balcony and then it travels through the tower wall and opens the door from the other side.

Down below Ward and Victor are surprised when the lower door is opened from the inside. They are met by a young scantily clad woman. “Please, quickly come inside.” She welcomes them. “Rassan Al Hamman has gone below. Please, you must kill the wizard!” It seems that Rassan Al Hamman is keeping a harem of young women imprisoned in his tower, and it also seems they are quite ready to be rid of their captor.

The group at the top of the tower enter into the tower’s top room, it appears to be Rassan Al Haman’s bed chamber.

The two groups head towards the sub level of the tower. Although Athar stops to check a door on the way down. Where he discovers the rest of the harem.

Ward leads the way into the sub level, followed by Victor, Porter, Thurenz, Zale, and then Athar.

Four bugbear guards come charging around the corner and a fight ensues. Ward, Victor, and Thurenz dispatch two of the guards. However, once Zale appears with his earth elemental, the remaining two bugbears surrender.

The heroes ignore the bugbears and charge around the corner to find a set of double doors which are locked. Ward breaks the door open with three swift kicks.

Rassan Al Hamman and his pet Dragonne are awaiting them. The Dragonne uses it’s terrible roar but all of the heroes successfully resist the beast’s power. Rassan Al Hamman, who is flying high up near the chamber’s forty foot ceiling, hastes his pet.

The heroes and the wizard engage in an epic battle and after a prolonged fight Rassan Al Hamman surrenders. Zale’s earth elemental being the deciding factor. It drops from the ceiling and grabs the mage on it’s plummet to the ground.

The party searches for and find a secret passage where they find Raphael Raniel alive and well. Meanwhile, Ward escorts the prisoner up to the top of the tower. No one objects to Ward’s action immediately. But soon Athar decides to follow the Ranger up to the top of the tower. He finds the door locked.

Using his dimension door ability he enters the room to find Ward with his sword in the chest of Rassan Al Hamman.

He tackles the ranger and the two wrestle, but Athar is unable to subdue him. “Why did you do this? This man had surrendered to us!” Asks Athar. Ward replies, “It was justice.”

Ward returns back to the others, with Athar close behind. And Athar informs the others of what had transpired at the top of the tower. All seem very concerned over Ward’s actions and Zale is outraged.

The group turns to Raphael Raniel for advice, and he suggests that they all focus on getting out of the Chimaeron for the time being.

The group lets the question of Ward’s actions alone for the time being. They gather up spoils from the tower and the troop begins their long and arduous trek through the mountains accompanied by the six harem girls who they had freed.

The weather grows worse as they head up into the mountains. Snow covers everything. Along the way, Athar notices a tower out of the corner of his eye but it disappears when he looked at it again. This happens three times.

The weather continued to worsen and finally reached it’s crescendo on The Eve of the Dead.

Ward set out to seek shelter for the others and finds the base of a ruined tower at the top of the nearest peak. This was also where Athar had seen the tower before. The group make for the peak but when they move to descend the tower stair seven wraiths encircle the party and attack with life draining swords of darkness.

The party frantically work to fend off the wraiths and one of the harem girls is slain and rises as a wraith, herself before the party is able to drive off or destroy the remaining wraiths.

The party discover that the tower was once a temple to the now dead goddess, Masela. They get a fitful night of rest and set out again in the morning.

After several more days of travel the party successfully reach the border between the Chimaeron and Coeranys. Using guile and all the resources at their disposal they successfully avoid the patrols and slip back into the province of Ranien.

Upon reaching Ranien, Ward departs the party and Porter follows him, concerned over his choices as of late. The party returns to Raniel Manor to discover that Amarante is not present. A note has been left for them.

The Lady Regent is dead, and Baron Alun Coeran is missing.



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