Heroes of the East

Into the Mists

The Fifth of Sehnir, 1521 HC

While Victor and Zale are reporting back to the Count; Porter, Ward, Dorious, Thurenz, and Athar wait at Doyle Manor.

Porter spends Fifthday speaking with the villagers and working diligently to ensure that life and business at the manor will return to normal as soon as possible. Dorious, along with Ward and Athar patrol the border of the Forrest of Mist near to Doyle searching for clues.

That night Ward reveals to his brother that he had in fact taken the glimmering sword out of the Doyle crypts for safe-keeping, but he ends up handing it over to his obviously upset sibling.

Porter makes it clear to his brother that he has promised to uphold the law and that means he will arrest Ward if it is the Count’s decision to consider the sword along with other valuables taken from the house to be stolen.

Ward makes it clear that he believes Porter’s stance against him is ridiculous since he was in fact upholding the spirit of the law by protecting the Doyle’s property.

Porter ultimately decides not to act until he hears the Count’s decision.

On Sixthday Dorious takes an hour to identify the magical properties of the sword.

A Dwarven merchant from the Royal Guild of Barak-Azhik arrives soon after into Doyle Village. The merchant, a dwarf by the name of Lorgold, trades with the villagers and Porter takes the opportunity to help them by buying and distributing some exta arms.

Dorious, greets the dwarf, and exchanges a continual flame for some ale which he gives to the villagers. It turns out that Lorgold works for Dorious’ cousin and Lorgold listens intently as they tell the tale of the undead which had plagued Doyle. He shares that he heard news of two noble children who went missing from Bogsend as well. Lorgold agrees to deliver a letter for Dorious back to his cousin, Diirk.

That night the villagers enjoy some drinks and tales from Lorgold while the party meet back up at the manor house. Victor and Zale are awaiting them when they return.

Victor informs the group that Amarante wishes for the Doyle sword to be used to bring justice on behalf of the Doyles and that they are to continue in their quest.

The group decides that they should venture to Bein Asea, the home of Thurenz to learn more about the darkness that has come to the Forest of the Mist and the deaths that had occurred there. The group leaves their horses with Marrion Rivers and then set off on foot into the ancient wood.

The Forest of the Mist proves difficult terrain to traverse and only the elf seems unhindered by the heavy undergrowth. The going is slow but the group travels unmolested for the day. They make camp and set watches.

It is during the third watch when Thurenz’ elven ears detect movement out in the forest, Athar moves to investigate. He spots three skeletal wolves and shouts a warning. The rest of the group is awakened out of their beds moments before a pack of skeleton wolves attacks and a fight ensues.

Athar sees the worst of the early fighting being ganged up on by the first three beasts, but the tide is soon turned against the aggressors through the application of fire spells and repeated skull splitting hammer blows.

The group recoups the rest of the evening and spends an extra few hours resting in the morning before setting off again to the elven village.

The group successfully force marches to Bein Asëa the next day. They are tired when they arrive to meet a well armed elven welcoming committee who seem very weary of the group. They are led by an elven war captain named Fianor who speaks with Thurenz and insists the party stay put while Thurenz alone goes into the village to speak with the Elder, Celebor.

During his absence, a young elf maid ranger named Elenyë takes an interest in Ward’s ability to speak her tongue.

Thurenz returns and tells the group that they are to travel to a location known as the Tree of Sorrows located deeper within the forest. The tree was apparently the sight of a murder two winters ago. The group, being weary from travel, decide to rest for the night. Before they finally settle down, Elenyë returns with refreshment for them and tells them a little more of the Tree of Sorrows. “It is the place where elves who are overwhelmed with sadness go to return to the Mehvailhe.”


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Into the Mists

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